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Subject:Re: timestamp & not null
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  I need to create a "commands" table. A program will periodically check on this table
there's a pending command for it to execute or not. Whatever the reason, this program
might read a command but not acknowledge it's 
  Other program will check out whether the command timeout has expired or not and so act
  I guess I can use some sort of integer in order to represent it as a unix timestamp, but
I would prefer to use a "timestamp".

  Any suggestions?
  Kind regards

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> I created a table and, into it, a timestamp field:
> When I issue the command "describe" it shows the field "expires" allows
nulls and defaults to CURRENT_TIMESTAMP. Also, each time I update
> a field other than "expires" in this table, "expires" gets updated to the
current timestamp.
> Does anybody know how can I make a timestamp field be "not null"?
> Lots of thanks to you all.

If you want to store date/time values, do not use the TIMESTAMP

What is it that you're trying to do?

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