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From:Shalendra Majmundar Date:April 16 1999 10:45pm
Subject:mysql performance way down with php
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It is really a php question, but I thought this active group may have an
answer for me :)

A search yeilding 2500 records from one table in mysql takes 0.22 sec as
shown by the
time command. Same query from php took 1 minute 20 secs. I even tried
compiling php for stand-alone parsing, and from php shell (command line)
it erred out with "Exceeded 30 seconds time limit".

What am I missing?? Please post me on any tip to boost performance.
        O/S RedHat 2.0.36
        PHP 3.0.5
        MySql: 3.22.20a

Thanks in advance!

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