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From:Daniel da Veiga Date:April 5 2006 6:43pm
Subject:Re: Password expire?
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On 4/5/06, NiCK Song <songnick@stripped> wrote:
> Hi, experts
> How can I make mysql database users password with expire date?
> Does mysql can do  it?
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> NiCK
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I guess you'll have to build it in your app. MySQL doesn't support
anything like this (or at least I couldn't find it).

I use a method like this:

My server has TWO accounts, when the user logs on my app with its
name/password, PHP connects using a read-only account to check if the
name/pass is valid accourding to a table named "users" at the "test"
database, and it also checks a datetime value named "expire" at the
same table, if the password is no longer valid, PHP denies access,
else it makes another connection, this time with an account with
read-write privileges so the user is logged into the app.

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