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From:Martijn Tonies Date:April 3 2006 1:28pm
Subject:Re: Syntax Question Constraint, Index
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>Create table events (
>name VARCHAR(255),
>start_date DATE,
>duration INTEGER,
>location_id BIGINT,
>primary key (uid)
>Create table locations (
>name VARCHAR(255),
>address VARCHAR(255),
>primary key (uid)
>Alter table events add index (location_id), add
>Constraint FKB307E11920EBB9E5 foreign key (location_id) references
>// Here is my conclusion, and I was hoping someone may back this up.
>Events has  a primary key of UID that is auto_incremeneted.
>Locations has a primary key of UID that is also incremented.
>The constraint and index are where I have questions. What is the index
>and constraint doing? I can't seem to get my mind around what that alter
>statement is trying to accomplish.

Well, the index part is adding, guess what, an index for column
"location_id", and the constraint part is adding a referential
constraint. That is, values in column events.location_id need
to exist in table "locations.uid".

The referential constraint is only enforced for InnoDB tables.

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