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From:Bing Du Date:April 3 2006 1:11pm
Subject:Re: Is port forwarded connection taken as local?
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> Bing Du wrote:
>>Hello everyone,
>>What I'm after is trying to figure out a way to centrally and remotely
>>managing (e.g. on server1) our MySQL servers (server2 is an example) on
>>different machines.  Right now, these MySQL servers are all set up to
>> only
>>accept logons from localhost.  My questions:
>>1. server1 has to be able to connect to server2 directly via SSH, right?
>>2. On server2, does 'grant someuser@server1 identified by ...' have
>>to be done?
>>I've been looking through the relevent threads regarding how to make port
>>forwarding for MySQL work.  I saw one thread mentioned that port
>> forwarded
>>MySQL connection was taken as a local connection.  But my own testing
>>cannot agree with that.  I'm confused.  Here is what I did:
>>On server1:
>>server1% ssh -2 -l myusername -N -L 3307:server2:3306 server2
>>server1% mysql -P 3307  (in another term window)
>>ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'myusername'@'localhost'
>> (using
>>password: YES)
> You need to grant permissions to 'myusername'@'localhost' as indicated
> in the line above.

Yes, I understand the error message.  What confused me was if I connected
as 'myusername' directly on server2, there was not any problem at all as
what was shown in the following in my original post.  So in another word,
'myusername'@'localhost' was denied access if connecting via port
forwarding, but it's allowed access if connecting from localhost. Hence my
question, if port forwarded connections are really taken as local

>>But on server2, the following command works fine.
>>server2% mysql -h localhost -u myusername -p
>>I'd appreciate if anybody would shed some light.

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