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From:Brian E Boothe Date:March 28 2006 5:21am
Subject:Summing tables and fields Please help,,,
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can someone post a snippit on Summing tables together of a feild of the
entire Database ? why does everyone Have such a problem with this 
question? everyone i ask says the same thing,,   let me show what i'm 
needing by Visual representation
                      MySQL database  >>  workorders
               Table : Orders
                       Field(aa) ProjectName --  [enter Projectname]
                        Field [a] ElecprojCost  ----- <-Enter in Number
                         Field [b] ElecprojBilling  -----<-Enter in Number
                          Field [c] Elecprojremaining =  [a] - [b]
                          Field [d] CtrlprojCost   ----- <-Enter in Number
                           Field [e] CtrlprojBilling  ----- <-Enter in 
                           Field [f] Ctrlprojremaining =  [d] - [e]
                           Field [g] OtherprojCost  ----- <-Enter in Number
                             Field [h] OtherprojBilling  ----- <-Enter 
in Number
                               Field [i] Otherprojremaining =  [g] - [h]
  Field [j] BondedAmount =  <-Enter in Number
  Field [k] Bondedprogbilling =  <-Enter in Number
   Field [l] Bondedprogremaining =  <-= [j] - [ k ]
   Field [m] totalelecworkonhand =  <-sum of all remaining = (sum of  C 
all sum records for Values of (C)
  Field [n] totalCtrlworkonhand =  <-sum of all remaining = (sum of  F 
all sum records for Values of (F)
  Field [o]totalOtherworkonhand =  <-sum of all remaining = (sum of  i 
all sum records for Values of (i)
   Field [p] totalworkonhand =   m + n + o
   Field [Q] totalBondedworkonhand =   sum of all remaining = (sum of  P 
all sum records for Values of (P)

              Any help in all this would be greatly appreaciated,, u can 
also email me via  subrian@stripped
Summing tables and fields Please help,,,Brian E Boothe27 Mar
  • Re: Summing tables and fields Please help,,,Peter Brawley27 Mar