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From:Michael Sutter Date:March 25 2006 11:14am
Subject:Re: mysqld_safe and timezone settings
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Thanks for your help, but this is the problem I have. I can't specify
the timezone right when I start mysql with

mysqld_safe --user=mysql --timezone="America/Argentina/Mendoza"

or by setting the TZ enviroment variable and than start the server.

The timezone setting is ignored every time I start my server and the
timezone is set to SYSTEM, which is Europe/Berlin for my computer. The
only way to change is to connect to the running server and execute

set global time_zone='America/Argentina/Mendoza';

After this the timezone of the server is right.

I wan't to know if anybody else has this problem or maybe another
solution to set the right timezone by starting my server.
Maybe I make something wrong, but  I don't know what this could be.
If anybody has a solution please tell it to me, it isn't very useful to
set the timezone manually after every restart.

Regards Michael
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