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From:Lee H Date:March 18 2006 10:17am
Subject:mysql_store_result() and MYSQL_ROW allocations
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I'm using the C api, issuing a "SELECT" statement and then calling

What id like to know is, if I keep the MYSQL_ROW structure returned from
mysql_fetch_row(), and then call mysql_fetch_row() again into a different
MYSQL_ROW structure -- is that first MYSQL_ROW structure still valid in 

Eg, could I do something like this (I dont want to, but its an easy

MYSQL_ROW row1, row2;
/* SELECT and mysql_store_result, result set is >= 2 rows */
row1 = mysql_fetch_row();
row2 = mysql_fetch_row();

And then use both row1 and row2 as valid rows..


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mysql_store_result() and MYSQL_ROW allocationsLee H18 Mar