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From:Ing. Edwin Cruz Date:March 16 2006 3:24pm
Subject:RE: Error 1064: update nested.
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update TABLE1 a, TABLE2 b set a.FIELD1=b.FIELD2
where column2='sales@stripped'
And column1 = 'sales@stripped'


update TABLE1 a, TABLE2 b set a.FIELD1=b.FIELD2
where b.column2=a.column1
And column1 = 'sales@stripped'


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De: Truong Tan Son [mailto:sontt@stripped] 
Enviado el: Miércoles, 15 de Marzo de 2006 07:22 p.m.
Para: mysql@stripped
Asunto: Error 1064: update nested.

Dear Sir,

MySQL-4.1.12 on RedHat Linux EL4:

mysql> update TABLE1 set FIELD1=(select FIELD2  from TABLE2 where 
mysql> COLUMN2=
'sales@stripped') where COLUMN1='sales@stripped';

ERROR 1064: You have an error in your SQL syntax.  Check the manual that
corresp onds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near
'select FIELD2 from TABLE2 where COLUMN2='sales@stripped


For MySQL -5.0.18   is   Ok

Syntax error for version 4.1.12 ?

Thanks you and best regards,

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