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From:Martijn Tonies Date:March 14 2006 11:18am
Subject:Re: Merge tables.
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> One of the databases I use just switched to using merge tables and now
> my queries are painfully slow. One table, initially had about 2.5
> million records and now with the change this information is spread
> across about 1600 tables. A simple query, say select count(*) has gone
> from .04 to about 30 seconds, sometimes even longer.

Why on earth would you spread this information across 1600 (!!!)
tables? That's 1600 files to maintain instead of 1.

Why did you try Merge in the first place? Was there a problem?
> The OS is FreeBSD on a 3.1 GHz machine with a 1GB ram. Mysql is
> 4.1.15. My my.cnf currently has only one option:
> open_files_limit=24576
> If anyone could provide me with some other options I might try I would
> appreciate it.

Martijn Tonies
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