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From:Don Read Date:March 12 2006 11:27am
Subject:Re: query problem
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On Wed, 8 Mar 2006 10:12:22 -0000 <ross@stripped> wrote:

<snip one column select query>

> but I have two other filters which may or may not be chosen. (area, and 
> interest).
>  $query = "SELECT * FROM $table_name WHERE sname LIKE '$search_string%' AND 
> area='area' AND interest='interest' ORDER BY fname $type";
> but what if nether is chosen, or only one? Is there an AND/OR operator or 
> similar in mysql?

Your app needs to build the query.

In my libsql.php file I have:

function andclause($qry, $fld, $val, $op='=') {
    $fmt = " %s %s $op '%s'";

    $qry .= sprintf($fmt,
          ( preg_match('!\bWHERE\b!mi', $qry) ? 'AND' : 'WHERE'), $fld, $val);
    return $qry;

With this, you can construct your initial query:
$qry = "SELECT * FROM foo WHERE blah LIKE '$baz%'";

// then test, case by case, to see if you need more selection clauses:

if (! empty($area))
	$qry = andclause($qry, 'area', $area);
if (! empty($interest))
	$qry = andclause($qry, 'interest', $interest);

echo '<span class="ddt">', $qry, '</span>';
$res = SQLQuery($qry);

Have fun.
Don Read                                     dread@stripped
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