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From:fbsd_user Date:March 9 2006 6:37pm
Subject:RE: php and mysql
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You need a login id and password unless this is test DB added under
ID "root"
You have to use the same login id as the one you created the
db/table with.

mysql_connect('localhost', 'Login id', 'pw') or die(mysql_error())

mysql_connect('localhost', 'root') or die(mysql_error())

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From: Mary Adel [mailto:mary.adel@stripped]
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Subject: php and mysql

I have a severe problem that php5 cannot connect to mysql and i
know why
also i am using linux
here is my peice of code
print "hi";
mysql_connect('localhost', '', '') or die(mysql_error());
echo "Connected to MySQL<br />";
print "connected";
if their is any configuration please tell me


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