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From:Jose de Leon Date:November 24 1999 7:36pm
Subject:Re: Connecting to multiple servers
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I understand that I can use a my.cnf file, but I allow my clients to create
their own databases via the web and even have a custom server running on a
different port, but I don't allow them shell access to modify such files.

Actually, I discovered that I  do need to specify the unix socket.
Additionally, the problem
is PHP 3.0.12 and may exist in their newest Zend.  There is a bug in PHP
that incorrectly ignores the unix socket specified if a port is also

In my case, I have mysql on a custom port and using a custom socket.  I've
sent a patch to the developers of PHP and will post it to php lists.

Thanks for your help,

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Jose de Leon writes:
 > I seem to be having a little problem connecting to a MySQL server on our
 > host.  This host has multiple MySQL servers running and are configured
 > properly for different ports and different unix sockets.
 > I'm trying to connect with PHP and I'm assuming I need to specify the
 > socket" in mysql_real_connect().  Is this what is needed?
 > Thanks,
 > Jose


it is much better and much more elegant to define /etc/my.cnf on your
host, wherein you will put info on the server you wish to connect to.

If you have Windoze, put my.cnf in c:\\.


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