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From:Vinay Date:March 7 2006 2:59pm
Subject:Re: INstalling DBD for mysql--Help needed
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Hello Guys,
     I was able to connect to mysql database using perl DBI.

I was using the wrong version of Perl on HP-UX to install the DBI and DBD.
There were two versions , 32 bit and 64 bit perl. by default the 32 bit perl
was picked up. I changed the path to 64 bit perl interpreter and the DBI
created 64 bit objects and I had to use right 64-bit flags for DBD::mysql

Thanks for all who helped


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Subject: Re: INstalling DBD for mysql--Help needed

On 3/3/06, Vinay <vinay@stripped> wrote:
> Hello,
>    I am trying to install DBI and mysql DBD for perl on HP-UX 11.23i. I
> have installed DBI successfully but having a hard time installing DBD for
> mysql on HP-UX.
> I am getting make errors while installing. I want to use perl to connect
> to mysql database.
> Any help appreciated,
> Thank you,
> vinay

how do you think we're going to help?  should I try to perform a Vulcan mind
meld with your server?  Or did you just want me to come over and fix it for

I tell ya what - just give us your server IP, open up telnet, and provide
the root password.

we'll get that nasty DBD!


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