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From:Gabriel PREDA Date:March 7 2006 9:34am
Subject:Re: Boolean searches on InnoDB tables?
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*MySQL Manual - Chapter 12.7.4. Full-Text Restrictions* says: *Full-text
searches are supported for MyISAM tables only. *

You could try to do what i did... with some overhead... I also had InnoDB
tables for an application and also was in a great need of Full-Text

I made a mirror MyISAM table but with the full text index. The full text
searches were performed on the MyISAM tables. The inserts were done on both

Now depending on the size of the tables you have to do a sync. of the tables
or complete reconstruction of the MyISAM table. Despite the fact that
inserts were done on the both tables I also did a sync. every Sunday ( I had
the smallest traffic on Sundays) and a complete reconstruction of the table
every 2 months... ( MyISAM table - is now 750 MB )

The system is working fine for about 16 months now !

Gabriel PREDA
Senior Web Developer

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