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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 24 1999 5:32pm
Subject:Re: wrong time for now()
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At 10:51 AM -0600 11/24/99, <apocoliptica@stripped> wrote:
>Anyone have any idea why mysql is telling me the wrong time?
>mysql> select now();
>| now()               |
>| 1999-11-24 16:45:53 |
>1 row in set (0.01 sec)
>But it is 10:45 am, and running "top" verifies my system does have the
>correct time set.  How do I tell mysql that it is wrong or how do I correct
>it?  Where is it getting it's info from?  This is a FreeBSD 3.2 box, and
>mysql 3.22.22.

Looks like it's probably showing you GMT.  Try setting the TZ environment
variable in the script that starts the server.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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