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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:March 7 2006 5:57am
Subject:Re: Boolean searches on InnoDB tables?
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Subject: RE: Boolean searches on InnoDB tables?

>> Osku is working on FULLTEXT for InnoDB.
> So, despite what the documentation says:
> Which states:
> "They can work even without a FULLTEXT index, although a search executed 
> in
> this fashion would be quite slow. "
> You're saying that InnoDB tables cannot use a BOOLEAN search at all, no 
> way,
> no how?

hmm... I have not heard that a MATCH ... AGAINST query in MySQL could work 
without a FULLTEXT index. If you try the query on a MyISAM table that does 
NOT have a FULLTEXT index, does it work there?

> At the moment I only have a small db while I'm building the product, so
> "slow" is going to be relative at this point (ie. fast), and I would 
> expect
> it to converge when you get FULLTEXT working in InnoDB. I would like to 
> get
> the code in there though for now.
> Do you have an estimate timeframe till this is implemented?
> Weeks? Months? Version?

Sorry, no.

>> You could look at Sphinx, for exapmple.
> What is Sphinx? I did a quick google search but found many references to
> pyramids and other projects (popular name). Do you have a URL for this?

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