WinMySqlAdmin has been disocntinued. Try mysql/bin/MySqlInstqanceConfig.exe.

Getting PHP to work with MySQL under Windows is a bit tricky at first, but once set up it's solid. For setup have a look at,70381,70628#msg-70628.



Bibi Snelderwaard wrote:
Hi everybody,
I have Windows XP computer and I've installed Apache, and MySQL 5.0.18. I
downloaded MySQL from:
but the following problem occurs.
According to the instructions in php and mysql for dummies (I'm a newbee) I
should find a program called WinMySQLadmin, located in mysql/bin.
First, this program is nowhere to be found (used start/find but nothing) I
did however find the program MySQLadmin. Since WinMySQLadmin isn't there I
thought it might work if I use the MySQLadmin program instead. According to
the instructions I should be able to double click it so it wil open a new
window. Now the second problem: It opens, but for a tiny fraction of a
I've tried several other links to download MySQL but it's the same with all
What am I doing wrong?
Best regards, Bibi


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