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From:Daevid Vincent Date:March 4 2006 7:54am
Subject:Boolean searches on InnoDB tables?
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I just discovered this:
Which states:
"They can work even without a FULLTEXT index, although a search executed in
this fashion would be quite slow. "

But then I'm kicked in the nuts because:
"Full-text indexes can be used only with MyISAM tables"

When I try a query on an InnoDB table:


I get:
"Error Code : 1214
The used table type doesn't support FULLTEXT indexes"

So, what is the deal? Am I missing something?

And if I can't use boolean searches on InnoDB tables with mySQL 5.0.18, 
Then WHEN will I be able to?

In the mean time, what is the best way to generate this equivallent
functionality via PHP or some other mySQL 5 sanctioned way? I've seen
several different examples on the web, but don't know which to commit to.

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