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From:Ravi Malghan Date:February 27 2006 8:01pm
Subject:Newbie help: extracting pattern based data from fields
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Hi: My database is mysql 4.1.14-standard. I have a
blob type field in a table1 with mutlple attributes
together in the field as shown below
table1.field1 value for a record is "abc=2 def=4

I have table2 which has fields abc, def and ghi. I
want to be able to parse the table1.field1 and insert
values 2 for, 4 for table2.def and 10 for

1. Is stored procedure the only way to do this?
2. 4.x does not support stored procedures. If this is
correct, is there any other way to accomplish this?
3. how do I extract values from a field based on a
pattern? Just looking for some pointers to get started
on this.


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Newbie help: extracting pattern based data from fieldsRavi Malghan27 Feb