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From:Courtney Braafhart Date:February 27 2006 6:30pm
Subject:Connecting to queries into one
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		To collect any WHERE date of birth, last name and  
first name matches  what was entered by the user.  The trick is that  
date of birth lives in 		the consumer table and last name and first  
name lives in the cases table (which can be joined to consumers by and cases.consumer_id).

		Can anyone think of way to do this in one mysql statement instead  
of doing a loop?

		I am thinking it would work something like this:

		SELECT FROM consumers WHERE date_of_birth = ? AND = (SELECT consumer_id FROM cases WHERE last_name = ? 			 
AND full_first_name = ? )

		Is there a way to form the above statement in MYSQL?


		That there is a really obvious solution to this question and that I  
am simply suffering from a case of the Mondays!

Thanks in advance!

Courtney Braafhart

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