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From:Peter Date:February 24 2006 7:19am
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I read the manual(
and especially:

" Back up tables in the given database that match a regular expression:

shell> mysqlhotcopy db_name./regex/

The regular expression for the table name can be negated by prefixing it 
with a tilde (‘~’):

shell> mysqlhotcopy db_name./~regex/

I want to backup all my tables except two -'rtt' and 'expirations'.

I use
/usr/local/bin/mysqlhotcopy -p mypass --allowold 
mydb./~expirations/~rtt/ /var/backups/mysqlbackup/$1

However for some reason mysqlhotcopy do NOT skip tables 'rtt' and 

Please give me an idea what is wrong. Thanks :-))

Kind regards,
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