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From:Tim Johnson Date:February 23 2006 6:31pm
Subject:Re: "linking" rows
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* SGreen@stripped <SGreen@stripped> [060223 09:09]:
> Tim Johnson <tim@stripped> wrote on 02/23/2006 12:26:35 PM:
> > I need the most efficient way to do this: examples, keywords, and
> > URLs to relevant documentation are all welcome.
> First off, columns can either be numeric or character-based not both. You 
> can store arrangements of the characters "0" through "9" in a 
> character-based field but those are not numbers, they are strings that 
> look like numbers.
  Of course. Didn't mean to imply other wish.

> Your description makes it sound like you have a table that has data in a 
> column called 'city' that looks like:
> Atlanta
> Boston
> 15
> 10
> 24
> Paris
> Rome
> 215
> Tokyo
> or am I mistaken? 
  You got it.

> Back to your direct question: How you "link" two tables is called 
> "joining". There are tons of examples and tutorials of how to join tables. 
> One of my favorites is
  Deliberately left out an inquery about "join" to encourage possibly
  other suggestions. :-)

> I also recommend you read this article about normalization:

 Those are the links that I needed. Getting up to speed on 'join is my

 (time to do my homework)
Tim Johnson <tim@stripped>
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