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From:Norman Walsh Date:February 22 2006 5:06pm
Subject:Re: Permissions for /var/run/mysqld
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/ "sheeri kritzer" <awfief@stripped> was heard to say:
| That's odd.  My mysql.sock is chmod 777, which happened automatically.

Yes, the mysql.sock file is 777. But the directory that contains it
/var/run/mysqld is 770 on boot.

| Check the startup script.  Is it calling mysqld_safe?  Are you using
| the regular startup script that came with mysql, or have you mucked
| with it?

I didn't muck with it. I don't know if Ubuntu did.

| Make sure when you chmod that the file is still a socket.  Shouldn't
| be a problem.

As I said, it isn't the socket that I have to change, it's the

| I don't really have much to add.
| a quick google search on "mysql.sock permissions" shows this bug:
| did you also upgrade mysql when you did the OS upgrade ? If so, backup
| your stuff and run mysql_install_db.  That's the only suggestion I
| have, other than doing a google search as I did and look at more than
| the first 2 results (which was what I did to find that bug).

I looked through a whole bunch of them before subscribing to this list :-)

However, your note got me to looking at /usr/bin/mysqld_safe and it
would seem to me that either of the following changes would fix the

1. Change umask 007 to umask 002 at the top of the script or

2. Add "chmod 775 $mysql_unix_port_dir" after creating and chowning it.

I opted for the latter locally. But I'm not sure why others don't have
this problem. Are either of those changes local to Ubuntu?

                                        Be seeing you,

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