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From:Robert DiFalco Date:February 22 2006 4:14pm
Subject:RE: dropping a database to reclaim space
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If I am testing for performance, I make sure to have one schema for each
database server. When I want to tear down the data and restart (possibly
with new settings). I first DROP the database I am working on. Then I
shutdown the server and in the <my_sql>/data directory, I delete all the
files there. It seems like, for InnoDB at least, that you have to delete
these log files if you want to be able to try different log file sizes;
once they are created the size cannot be changed. I'm not sure what is
left in ibdata after dropping a database, but deleting this file too
just causes it to be recreated next time you start MySQL.

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Subject: dropping a database to reclaim space


I have a database that is fairly large and I'm doing some testing with 2
different mysql packages, one 32-bit, one 64bit, for comparison's sake.

Now I've finished with one of the dbs and I want to reclaim the disk

I've tried deleting a few (large) tables from the database, thinking
this would free up space, however the mysql/var/ibdata1 file doesn't
change in size.

How can I get rid of a table or even complete database to reclaim disk
I don't really want to delete the ibdata1 file, because that will also
delete the system database  right?
I've already tried drop database and that doesn't show reduced disk
space either.

I'm doing this on a solaris 9 box.
Any input appreciated.

Kind regards.


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