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From:Daevid Vincent Date:February 22 2006 5:40am
Subject:"Nested Set Model" or "modified preorder tree traversal" mySQL/PHP code wanted
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I've been searching the web for the past few hours trying to find a simple
drop-in class or functions to implement "Nested Set Model" or "modified
preorder tree traversal".

I've found several tutorials and related links:

I even found some outdated PEAR DB_NestedSet class from 2003 that seemed way
to overly complicated. And some other PHP4_Mysql3MPTTA class on PHP Classes
that was equally complicated and written for ancient PHP4 and mySQL 3!!

Hasn't anyone else done this before (recently)? 
Did everyone just write their own code every time?
Anyone have some easy to use code that allows for:
Add, delete, update/rename, select, show tree, bread crumb display, etc.

I use PHP 5.0.5 and mySQL 5.0.18, so ideally it would take advantage of all
the optimizations and bells & whistles of those more modern versions.



"Nested Set Model" or "modified preorder tree traversal" mySQL/PHP code wantedDaevid Vincent22 Feb
Re: "Nested Set Model" or "modified preorder tree traversal" mySQL/PHPcode wantedPeter Brawley22 Feb