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From:Dan Nelson Date:February 20 2006 4:47am
Subject:Re: Table grows much faster than others.
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In the last episode (Feb 20), Song Ken Vern-E11804 said:
> I have one table which grows at a much faster rate than the rest. It
> has 80 times more entries than the second largest table, which has
> 10k rows.
> What are the steps I can take to slow down the growth?

The only thing you can do is to insert less records :)  800k rows is a
pretty small table, though, and shouldn't cause you any problems.

> Can I partition the table?

Partitioning will be available in mysql 5.1.  In older mysqls, you can
use VIEWs or MERGE tables and manually migrate older records.

> Will the size of the table affect the perfomance of queries?

It all depends on your queries, of course.  Simple 1-record queries
will slow down at a rate of O(log n), where n=your table size, assuming
you have indexes on everything.

	Dan Nelson
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