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From:ISC Edwin Cruz Date:February 15 2006 6:31pm
Subject:RE: MySQL 5.0.x and Delphi
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Sorry for dont start my own topic... I apologize

Hi! No I haven't tested with the v5 driver yet, but I found out that the
problem is when I use date_format function

If I dont use it the data is returned ok in my app(but with hours, minutes
etc), but if i do a date_format i get "bytes" on each record instance of get
date formated, the column type is datetime(of my table)


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First of all: you're sending a message with an enormous quote of someone
elses message, this really is "not done" on an e-mail list. Start your own

> I'm  having problems upgrading my database from 4.0.x to 5.0.x, 
> specially with date fields
> For example with 4.0.x I do: "select startDate from TEvent" and in my 
> application it is displayed ok(managed with controls), but the same 
> code, same odbc, same control in delphi, etc with mysql 5.0.x it 
> displays: byte instance of the date storaged in my table

What datatype is being returned for this column if you try and use it in
Delphi with the ODBC driver?

Did you try the v5 driver already?

> My versions are:
> Delphi 5
> MyODBC-3.51.11-2-win
> MySQL 5.0.18
> MySQL 4.0.26

Martijn Tonies
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