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From:Paul DuBois Date:November 23 1999 9:33pm
Subject:Re: Simple COUNT() statement
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At 5:07 PM -0400 11/23/99, Anthony Cooke wrote:
>Hello there,
>I'd like to have the COUNT(*) statement return the number of records that
>are returned in a simple SELECT statement with a WHERE clause. For instance:
>SELECT  my_idno, my_title_string, my_category FROM thetable
>     WHERE title_string LIKE "cowboy %" LIMIT 20
>Returns the first 20 records to fill the query.  Then:
>SELECT  COUNT(*) FROM thetable  WHERE my_title_string LIKE "cowboy %"
>Returns the number of records that qualify.
>I'd like to mix both select statements into one, but I've had no luck. When
>I place a GROUP BY clause, the COUNT(*) returns the size of each individual
>group... but what is required is the number of records from all groups.
>SUM(COUNT(*)) isn't allowed, either.
>SELECT my_idno, my_title_string, my_category, count(null) FROM thetable
>     WHERE title_string LIKE "cowboy %" GROUP BY (null) LIMIT 20
>Returns only the first record, although the number of counted records is
>Any ideas??

You must run two queries.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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