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From:Vivek Khera Date:November 23 1999 9:20pm
Subject:Re: mod_auth_mysql khera password problem
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>>>>> "SC" == Scott Cottrell <scottrell@stripped> writes:

SC> Problem: With AuthMySQLCryptedPasswords On, the logins fail (error log:
SC> user jim: password mismatch: /test/) for any user in the database. With
SC> AuthMySQLCryptedPasswords Off, the logins fail only for those whose
SC> passwords were stored with the password() function.

CryptedPasswords are those encrypted using your system's crypt()
function from the C library.  It does not support the mysql PASSWORD()
encrypted values.

SC> The mod_auth_mysql.c code used to build the module says it follows the
SC> "new-style crypt() usage", whatever that means, and there does appear a
SC> crypt() function in the code.

Traditional crypt() uses 2-character "salt", new-style uses 4
(including the iteration count.)

SC> How do I store an encrypted password using this module? Should I switch
SC> to a different module build?

Encrypt the values in your application using the crypt() function.
Perl supports it as well, if you're not using C/C++.

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