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From:Amy Thornton Date:February 14 2006 5:04pm
Subject:joining 3 tables
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I am trying to join 3 tables together.

Table A has 3 fields: sub_id, subject, id
Table B has 3 fields: ref_cat_id, sub_id, ref_cat
Table C has 7 fields: uid, ref_cat_id, etc.

I am trying to join Table A and B over sub_id and join B and C over ref_cat_id
while pulling in the value of sub_id and ref_cat_id from a php program

I tried doing it this way:

select reference.uid from reference, subject_name, ref_cat where 
subject_name.sub_id = '45' and ref_cat.ref_cat_id = '3' and 
ref_cat.ref_cat_id = reference.ref_cat_id and subject_name.sub_id = 

with the '45' and '3' being the values coming from my variables in 
PHP.  We only have MySql 4.0 so I can't use a subquery.

If anyone has any suggestions I would be very thankful.  Please also 
let me know if I need to provide more information about the problem.

Thank you for your time and help.

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