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From:Alec.Cawley Date:February 13 2006 4:46pm
Subject:Re: Newbie wants to load a couple of tables and join them
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Al Sparks <data345@stripped> wrote on 13/02/2006 16:11:49:

> Basically, I'm new to mysql (or to any database for that matter).
> I have an old version installed on my linux machine.  I thought, as a
> learning exercise I'd take 2 files (tab separated tables) load them
> into mysql and then merge or join them.
> So what are the steps?  The first thing I tried was to create a
> database with
>    mysqladmin create MACARP
> and the error I get is
>    CREATE DATABASE failed; error: 'Access denied for user: 
> '@localhost' to database 'MACARP''
> A similar attempt to create a user ended similarly.  Can I get some
> hints?

When your system was installed, it was installed with security turned on 
(which is definitely a wise thing to do). MySQL security is a bit like 
linux secutiry, in that there is a user called root who is usually 
omnipotent, and other users with lesser rights, and you cannot do anything 
unless yuou have the appropriate rights. However, it is not the same as 
linux security - your linux user name and your MySQL user name are 
different entities, not the same unless you choose to make them so.

I would reccommend that you try and find out the root password for your 
system from whoever installed it. If not, and you think that no data on 
the system is valid, de-intall MySQL, remove the data directory (which 
also contaisn the security data), and re-install.

Alternatively, the MySQL installation usually sets up a database 
imaginatively named "test" with wide rights, so that you could run you 
experiments within database test.


Newbie wants to load a couple of tables and join themAl Sparks13 Feb
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