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From:Aaron Axelsen Date:February 13 2006 1:01pm
Subject:Re: Weird MySQL Connection Issues
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We are running mysql on a Debian system, so we shouldn't have any of
those windows problems.  It's really quite confusing, there were no
mysql errors when we noticed the problem.

The only guess we currently have is to wait until it happens again, and
make sure we dump the stats to further investigate.

Any other suggestions are welcome, thanks!

-- Aaron

mysql@stripped wrote:
> If you are running MySQL on Windows, then I'm wondering 
> whether you are having a problem with running out of 
> available ports, for clients to connect to MySQL on.
> This may be your problem:
> From the manual, 2.3.16. MySQL on Windows Compared to MySQL 
> on Unix
> ***
> MySQL for Windows has proven itself to be very stable. The 
> Windows version of MySQL has the same features as the 
> corresponding Unix version, with the following exceptions: 
> Limited number of ports 
> Windows systems have about 4,000 ports available for client 
> connections, and after a connection on a port closes, it 
> takes two to four minutes before the port can be reused. In 
> situations where clients connect to and disconnect from the 
> server at a high rate, it is possible for all available 
> ports to be used up before closed ports become available 
> again. If this happens, the MySQL server appears to be 
> unresponsive even though it is running. Note that ports may 
> be used by other applications running on the machine as 
> well, in which case the number of ports available to MySQL 
> is lower. 
> For more information, see 
> ***
> Keith 
> In theory, theory and practice are the same;
> In practice they are not. 
> On Sun, 12 Feb 2006, Aaron Axelsen wrote:
>> To: mysql@stripped
>> From: Aaron Axelsen <lists@stripped>
>> Subject: Weird MySQL Connection Issues
>> I have been experiencing some weird MySQL connection issues lately. 
>> Twice now in that last couple weeks, there have been times where some
>> mysql applications are working, and others are not working.  Both times
>> the mysql connection limit was rather high.  A simple mysql restart has
>> fixed the problem both times.
>> There are a few forums using phpbb running on this server which get
>> heavy access, which is most likely the cause of the problem.
>> The version of mysql running is: 4.1.14
>> Is there a known issue like this with alot of mysql connections?
>> Does anyone have any related ideas or suggestions?  Thanks!
>> -- 
>> Aaron Axelsen
>> lists@stripped

Aaron Axelsen

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