>Upload the data
If phpMyAdmin is your only access to your webhost db, you can paste the contents of your local dump.sql into phpMyAdmin's SQL window, and run it (all at once, or piece by piece).



Angelo Christou wrote:
Is there any scripts that people know of that can
called from cron that I can use to copy the latest
database to the latest version?
If you have shell access, you can run mysqldump to
write the DDL and 
data to a sql file. See the mysqldump manual page
for its many options.

AFAIK MySQL does not provide upgrade scripts to any
version, so if there 
is a version difference between your internal and
web hosts, you may 
have to make adjustments to the script which
mysqldump generates.

Thankyou for the reply Peter.

What I am trying to do copy data from a local host to
my webhost server. I will make sure the local host is
always the same version, I didn't think of that :)

Here is what I have so far -

Dump the data

mysqldump -q -uusername -ppassword mydbname > dump.sql

Upload the data

mysql -uusername -ppassword -hWEBHOST mydbname <

It is the second part that is not working. I'm not
sure if I have read the manual correctly. I have
access to phpMyAdmin on this host but not shell.

I get this. I think they must not have access enabled.

ERROR 2003: Can't connect to MySQL server on
'' (60)

I have contacted the webhost but no response yet. Any
one have any ideas? Ang.

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