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From:Rob Gormley Date:February 13 2006 5:44am
Subject:Local 'replication'
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Short of running two MySQL instances on the same server... What I would
like to do is have a table which exists on disk in InnoDB format, and a
Memory table which clients make requests for.

Lest that sound more convuluted than it really is, the situation is

Limited (financial) resources client, heavy load on DB server. In order
to offset some of the load, we are able to push some load to another
machine. This data needs to be made available as fast as possible, hence
the memory table, but the local InnoDB table is to lighten the load on
DB restart... We don't want to deluge the primary server with the
synchronisation process... So it was figured that if there's a local
disk based table, that can be synced fairly quickly, and the memory
table can populate off of that, with no hit to the primary server.

Or am I making things way more complicated than they need be?

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