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From:sheeri kritzer Date:February 9 2006 6:32pm
Subject:Re: mysql -u root@XXX.XXX.XXX
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Firstly, the correct syntax for the mysql client is:

mysql -u root -h hostname_or_ip_address -p

and then enter the password you are prompted.

You need to make sure you can connect FIRST, and THEN try replication.
 Running replication as root is a bad idea, by the way.  Better to set
up a replication user with minimal grants, and use that user.

for details.

If this doesn't help, try copying and pasting what you type and what's
returned.  "It didn't work" and "I got an error" are not sufficient.


On 2/9/06, Chen Abella <shandy_1023@stripped> wrote:
>  hi.
>  i have trouble with reoplication.
>  i cannot connect to the other server using:
>  mysql -u root@stripped
>  and i get an error msg in the log:
> [ERROR] Slave I/O thread: error connecting to master 'root@server1:3306':  Error:
> 'Can't connect to MySQL server on 'server1' (13)'
>  how do i fix this?
>  anyone who can help... ?
>  thankyou...
>  chEn
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mysql -u root@XXX.XXX.XXXChen Abella9 Feb
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