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From:David T. Ashley Date:February 6 2006 10:31pm
Subject:AUTOINCREMENT / UNIQUE Behavior [Newbie Question]
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I remember in MySQL that you can define an integer table field as
AUTOINCREMENT and UNIQUE (I might have the specific keywords wrong, but
everyone will know what I mean).

In the life of a database where there are frequent additions and
deletions, 2^32 isn't that large of a number.

When the integer field reaches 2^32-1 or whatever the upper limit is, what
happens then?  Will it try to reuse available values from records that
have been deleted?  Or is it always an error?

Thanks, Dave.
David T. Ashley (dta@stripped)
Thousand Feet Consulting, LLC

AUTOINCREMENT / UNIQUE Behavior [Newbie Question]David T. Ashley6 Feb
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