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From:sheeri kritzer Date:February 6 2006 4:36pm
Subject:Re: 4.0.20 vs 4.1.16 issue
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Can you show us the results of


preferably for the system as it was before, if you have backups from
then, and for how it is now.  I would guess that your table type
changed, or perhaps indexing did.

What do you mean by "crashes"?  What's the error message from the application?

How did you upgrade?  did you put it on a new machine?  recompile the
source code?  use a packaged binary?


On 2/5/06, C.F. Scheidecker Antunes <nando@stripped> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I was running a legacy app on a MySQL 4.0.20 server.
> The app queried the server like this "SELECT count(total) as total from
> tbl_nada"
> For 4.0.20 the result of this query was an integer.
> Running the same query on 4.1.16 returns a much larger Integer and the
> app crashes.
> Problem is that I CANNOT change the app.
> Is there any configuration that you can do to this server so that it
> treats the query as it was before?
> It is a Fecora Core 4 Linux box with MySQL 4.1.16
> I have two options: going back to a 4.0.20 server or fixing 4.1.16 somehow.
> Any better suggestions on how to address this issue?
> Thanks,
> C.F.
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