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From:kobasoft Date:April 16 1999 11:38am
Subject:Selecting duplicates only
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Hi MySQL-ers!

Suppose you have a database of antique owners (we all know that one, I
believe) where there's a table of sellable items:

OwnerID | ObjectTypeID
1       | 1
1       | 2
2       | 2
3       | 1

Now what kind of select statement would I use to get a list of OwnerID's
that are willing to sell objects with ObjectTypeID 1 AND 2 (as is the
case with ownerID 1 in the example table above?

Greetings, Pieter van Beek

Selecting duplicates onlykobasoft16 Apr
  • Re: Selecting duplicates onlyChristian Mack16 Apr