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From:立 周 Date:February 1 2006 5:36am
Subject:回复: Re: 回复: Re: 回
复: Re: MySQL 4.1 and PHP 4.4
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--- Gleb Paharenko <Gleb.Paharenko@stripped>写道:

> Hello.
> I usually put this statement after mysql_connect().
> It is difficult for me to say is your site is Ok,
> because my knowledge is limited only to English,
> Russian, Ukrainian and
> elementary German. Check that you can get the
> correct data
> from mysql command line client, that all
> character_set_xxx
> is utf8 and the character set of the page is utf8
> (your browser
> doesn't perform any conversion).

Thank you for your follow up. I have found the problem
not MySQL or PHP related. It might be a Cpanel
problem. If you generate a MySQL 4.1 dump though
Cpanel, your MySQL will be exported in latin1
character set, this way the data in utf8 is damaged
and you get a corrupt database dump. This only happens
with MySQL 4.1. When Cpanel is used with MySQL 4.0,
there is no problem.  SO this might be Cpanel not
following up with changes of MySQL.

I have restored a old database dump, which is
generated from MySQL 4.0, importing it into MySQL 4.1
is painless and error free.  My site is now readable

Thanks for all the people helping me getting through
this. Thanks Gleb!



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