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From:Peter Brawley Date:January 31 2006 7:26pm
Subject:Re: NOT IN vs IS NULL
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OK, get the diescription in ordinary language right, and the query ought 
to write itself. Your schema is like this? ...


and you want the paytable rows ....
  (i) for which there is an offers row matching paytable.offer_id, and
  (ii) for which there is no pab row where 
pab.login_id=paytable.login_id and pab.advertiser_id=offer_id?

Would that be ...

SELECT pt.offer_id, pt.login_id, o.advertiser_id
FROM paytable AS pt
INNER JOIN offers AS o USING (offer_id)
LEFT JOIN publisher_advertiser_blocks AS pab1 ON pt.login_id=pab1.login_id
LEFT JOIN publisher_advertiser_blocks AS pab2 ON 
WHERE pab1.login_id IS NULL OR pab2.advertiser_id IS NULL;


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