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From:Chris Mason (Lists) Date:January 29 2006 11:38pm
Subject:Can't reload from dump file
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We have had some problems with corrupt data due to running out of space 
recently. I wanted to repair the tables so I backed up our database by 
dumping to a file with mysqldump. I then tried to repair the database 
and had some problems with that.
I stopped MySQL and moved the database to database.old and restarted the 
database. I wanted to import the dump file. As it is 700 MB it takes a 
while to load.
I got this error

[root@server8 backups]# mysql -u root -p<rt3.sql
Enter password:
ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 694: Can't create table 
'./rt3/Attributes.frm' (errno: 121)

and in the error file:

060129 19:27:32  InnoDB: Error: table `rt3/Attributes` already exists in 
InnoDB internal
InnoDB: data dictionary. Have you deleted the .frm file
InnoDB: and not used DROP TABLE? Have you used DROP DATABASE
InnoDB: for InnoDB tables in MySQL version <= 3.23.43?
InnoDB: See the Restrictions section of the InnoDB manual.
InnoDB: You can drop the orphaned table inside InnoDB by
InnoDB: creating an InnoDB table with the same name in another
InnoDB: database and copying the .frm file to the current database.
InnoDB: Then MySQL thinks the table exists, and DROP TABLE will
InnoDB: succeed.
InnoDB: You can look for further help from

What can I do?

Chris Mason
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