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From:David P. Donahue Date:January 27 2006 1:56pm
Subject:Error inserting text containing a "?" character
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This morning I began noticing some errors coming from my MySQL database 
that appear to be the result of a user inserting text which contains a 
question mark anywhere in it.  The error is:

"Parameter '?' must be defined ..."

Is there a way to tell MySQL to just treat the "?" as another character 
in the string, rather than as a parameter?  Maybe have my application 
replace all occurrances of "?" with something else that will represent a 
"?" to the database before issuing the query?

For reference, I'm using the MySQLConnector .NET for connecting my 
application to a MySQL 4.x database.

David P. Donahue
Error inserting text containing a "?" characterDavid P. Donahue27 Jan
  • Re: Error inserting text containing a "?" characterGleb Paharenko27 Jan