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From:Chen Abella Date:January 25 2006 8:50am
Subject:Virtual IP
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i wanted to create a virtual IP so i inserted the following line in the /etc/haresources

server1 Ipaddress::

but when i started heartbeat, i got the following error messages in the command line:  

Starting High-Availability services: 2006/01/24_23:11:44 ERROR: Cannot locate resource
script Ipaddress /usr/lib/heartbeat/ResourceManager: line 197: command not
found                                                            [FAILED]

how do i configure a virtual IP? i am using heartbeat 2.0.2 in Fedora Core 4 and i want to
set up a virtual IP address because i will use MasterMySQL... 

Should my haresources file contain only one line?

and also, what's the difference between IPaddr and Ipaddress?

i hope you can help....


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