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From:SGreen Date:January 23 2006 3:47pm
Subject:Re: Comparing 2 Tables
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"AM COMS" <andrew@stripped> wrote on 01/23/2006 10:01:17 AM:

> I need to update a table without disturing the recordset however there 
> or could be some overlaps with data is there a way I can compare id fro
> the same 2 tables, one new one old?
> andrew

Your question is quite vague. What kind of comparison do you want to do. 
What kind of results do you want to have? What do you want to do with the 
comparisons once you get them? Basically you said "I have two boxes of 
things. Some of the things in one box may be the same as in another. How 
can I compare what's in my boxes?"  Without knowing a bit more about your 
situation, nobody could do anything but guess towards giving you a 
reasonable solution for your real problem.

Shawn Green
Database Administrator
Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

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