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From:Rhino Date:January 16 2006 3:10pm
Subject:Nested scripts in MySQL?
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Is it possible to run nested scripts in MySQL?

If I want to run a script called TestA1.sql where TestA1.sql contains:

select * from Sample.emp;

all I need to do is go to the MySQL command prompt and enter:

\. TestA1.sql

That's a single, un-nested script and it works fine.

Now, suppose I have a script named TestA.sql which in turn wants to invoke 
TestA1.sql and TestA2.sql. I've already shown you TestA1.sql; here's 

select * from Sample.dept;

How do I construct TestA.sql so that it invokes TestA1.sql and TestA2.sql? I 
want to invoke TestA.sql from the MySQL command prompt with this:

\. TestA.sql

and have it execute both TestA1.sql and TestA2.sql.

I've tried a few different ways of constructing TestA.sql but none of them 
works; I'm not sure if that's because it simply isn't possible to nest 
scripts in MySQL or if I simply haven't guessed the right syntax yet. I've 
tried a variety of versions of TestA.sql, like the following, without 


. TestA1.sql
. TestA2.sql

Is it possible to run a construct an outer script that invokes other scripts 
and then run the outer script from the MySQL command prompt? If yes, how 
would the outer script look?

I could guess all morning and maybe I'd hit the magic syntax eventually but 
I'd rather not waste the time if what I'm trying to do is impossible. I 
can't find anything on this issue in the manual or in the archives.

I am running MySQL 4.0.15.


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