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From:praj Date:January 10 2006 5:12pm
Subject:Re: checking for corruption?
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Hi ,

Alternate solution : Do show table status on that database . In comment 
field you can find info about corrupted table .

This will be faster than check table .

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Subject: checking for corruption?

> After a power outage, we had a large table (~2GiB, 23e6 records) get
> corrupted. Only a few rows were actually affected, so nobody noticed for
> a few weeks though. A repair fixed the problem.
> We are now considering running the "check table" command regularly
> (every 15 minutes?) and plugging that into our monitoring system, i.e.
> if "check table" reports an error, our script beeps/emails someone.
> My question is this: is it okay to run "check table" frequently? What
> impact will it have on production systems? How quickly will it check
> very large tables? Is there an alternative (better) solution?
> thanks,
> Thomas
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