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From:Fred Read Date:April 16 1999 7:47am
Subject:Re: Security
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Daniel Gardner wrote:
> ...
> There is only one critical field in the db, so I think I need 
> some sort of encryption on this field. The mysql manual mentions 
> a couple of different encryption functions, but has no comment 
> on how "good" they are. It would be nice to know what algorithms 
> these encryption functions are based on, or if there are any plans 
> to support really hard encryption. (perhaps I need one of those 
> 5000 Euro licences ;-) )

 1. The source will reveal the encrytpion algorithm if you 
    are really interested.

 2. If you want something really secure code it yourself and 
    install it as a UDF [User Defined Function] - see the 
    manual section 14.

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