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From:Heikki Tuuri Date:January 9 2006 11:08am
Subject:Re: allocate space for innodb innodb_file_per_table
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Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2006 10:10 PM
Subject: allocate space for innodb innodb_file_per_table

> Hi All,
> I am running mysql 5.0.18 with a innodb table of 9 GB (plus several 
> others)
> on suse linux 9.3 with 4 GB ram.
> when doing a show table status command, this table shows Data_Free:0
> I assume this is because it is the "file per table" setting, where the
> tables fall outside of the main ibdata files.

Data_free = 0 in this case means that the whole .ibd file is currently 
allocated for that table. If you delete many rows from the table, you may 
see Data_free bigger than 0.

> The ibdata files are all preallocated when mysql starts up, is there 
> anyway
> to preallocate the "file per table" files as well?


> Is there a specific innodb list?

There is an InnoDB forum:

> Thanks to Gleb's answer and the hint on the bulk load setting in my.cnf -
> that seems to have helped some what.
> I notice in the load data command there is a "CONCURRENT" option - but as
> far as I can tell, that only does MyISAM tables?  You also suggested
> disablign the keys.

Disabling keys has no effect on InnoDB type tables.

> I think I tried that, but with a table with 7 mil rows,
> that takes longer than the load data :-\
> TIA.
> George Law

Best regards,


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