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From:George Law Date:January 8 2006 8:09pm
Subject:allocate space for innodb innodb_file_per_table
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Hi All,

I am running mysql 5.0.18 with a innodb table of 9 GB (plus several others) 
on suse linux 9.3 with 4 GB ram.

when doing a show table status command, this table shows Data_Free:0

I assume this is because it is the "file per table" setting, where the 
tables fall outside of the main ibdata files.

The ibdata files are all preallocated when mysql starts up, is there anyway 
to preallocate the "file per table" files as well?

Is there a specific innodb list?

Thanks to Gleb's answer and the hint on the bulk load setting in my.cnf - 
that seems to have helped some what.
I notice in the load data command there is a "CONCURRENT" option - but as 
far as I can tell, that only does MyISAM tables?  You also suggested 
disablign the keys.  I think I tried that, but with a table with 7 mil rows, 
that takes longer than the load data :-\


George Law

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